Why Keeping Your Kids from Canaan?

The premise of this book is that Christian parents are abdicating their roles as spiritual leaders of their children and families.  This has resulted in “Christian kids” abandoning their faith.  Some may take issue with this premise … so I begin this blog with some links to some of the research that pointed me in this direction.

LifeWay’s research findings;  Cross Examined Youth Resource and The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding

This phenomena flies directly in the face of Deuteronomy 6.  As a youth pastor for 9 years, I saw lots of parents place the burden of their child’s spiritual development on my shoulders.  It is here that my appreciation for Deuteronomy 6 emerged.  It was here that my passion for admonishing and helping parents fulfill their responsibility was born.

When Karen and I had our first son … these words of Moses put their grasp on me as a young father.  It was my turn to own this awesome responsibility.  Now that our sons have become men … it is our joy to see the fruit of this process.

That is why I wrote Keeping Your Kids from Canaan.  God’s Word works!


Welcome to my blog …

My goal is to add more depth to the resources we are creating.   I will start by posting thoughts, comments, links and more that will enhance the reading experience Keeping Your Kids from Canaan.

My hope is to post at least once a week.  Let’s see how it goes …