Who are these Canaanites?

QUESTION:  “Why the metaphor of Canaan and the Canaanites” in your book?

ANSWER:  “Canaan” represents the anti-God of the Bible tendencies of every culture toward materialism, pleasure-seeking and self-centeredness.  Or, as one writer put it, the “unholy trinity” of money, sex and power. Not all cultures are as blatant about it as the ancient Canaanites were … but North America is approaching their level every day. These three emphases are temptations that draw us away from a pure devotion and love for God.

The child sacrifices of these idolatrous Canaanites are a frightening metaphor for how our culture is attacking our families.  Just as the Canaanite priest would seize the first-born and sacrifice it to a pagan idol, so the gods of that unholy trinity want us to sacrifice our family relationships and relationship to the True and Living God to them.

The Israelites were told to destroy the Canaanite people. No, we are not to “destroy” the modern pagans, but we need to destroy the paganism within us, and keep our lives and our families free of its influence.  You can read the first chapter of Keeping Your Kids from Canaan where I explain this a little more fully.


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