Let’s talk about it …

If you’ve read the Chapter 6 summary (click ch. 6 link above) … you know that one way we, as Christian parents, can teach by telling .. is to have regular family devotions.

Research reveals that most of us struggle with making these powerful faith building times happen.  In Keeping Your Kids from Canaan … I give 6 steps to having successful family devotions: (1) find a regular time and place … the power of routine. (2) Keeping them simple making them easy to do … finding good resources.  (3) Planning … knowing what topics and passages are going to be covered in your curriculum or plugging into what your kids are learning at church or school.  (4) Making them fun … it’s a crime to bore kids with the Bible … use some fun teaching methods!  (5) Make them relational … how are you getting to know each other better because of these times? … and finally (6) Keep them going.  Don’t let a few missed days thwart you.

I’ve been doing a lot of talking … and now it is time to take a break and listen … So … if you have a thought … a suggestion … a struggle … a solution … regarding any of these 6 things … (or any post so far)  please leave a comment and let’s start a conversation … to help us all become more effective in teaching God’s Word to our legacy children!


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