Modesty / Purity wars …

In the opening of Keeping Your Kids from Canaan, I talk about the similarities between the godless culture of the ancient Canaanites and present-day America.

Three powerful forces are competing for the hearts, souls, minds and bodies of our children.  These negative influences war against our attempts to instill Biblical values into our children.  One of these forces is the fact that we live in a “sexually charged” culture.  Here’s a report from the AP this week that emphasizes the increase in this phenomena:

NEW YORK (AP) The Associated Press:  A watchdog group says broadcast television is implying a lot more nudity in prime time than it used to.

The Parents Television Council said Monday that its researchers found 76 instances where a person appeared nude, with private parts obscured, in prime time last season. It happened on 37 different shows.  The group says that’s a sharp rise from the 15 instances the networks aired the season before that.

Examples include a couple skinny-dipping on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” Howie Mandel jokingly appearing nude in his dressing room at NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and a naked man jumping out of a car trunk in the candid camera show “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” on NBC.

In each case, the full nudity is obscured by pixilation or strategically placed objects.

“It’s a lot more suggestive than we’ve seen in the past,” said Melissa Henson, spokeswoman for the group.

The parents group, which also monitors language and sexually suggestive content on broadcast television, said it will complain about the development to the Federal Communications Commission.

TV producers either believe they need to show viewers more to get more viewers … or they have an agenda to eradicate modesty altogether.  Their motives don’t really change the outcome.  Our kids, who are watching, are being conditioned to buy into the same messages.  Show more … suggest more … to get higher ratings!

Our culture is paying attention … offering even more of a challenge … take your sons and daughters to the mall to do some back to school shopping and you immediately face this same issue … skimpiness and inappropriate innuendos abound …

How are you as a parent dealing with the issues of modesty and sexual purity in your homes?


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