Ch. 2

Moses farewell address to God’s Children

It takes a “Family of families”

The big idea in this chapter is who is the “you” in Deuteronomy 6?  Is it the corporate nation of Israel … is it the tribal leaders … or is it the individual head of each family assembled on the Trans-Jordanian plane?

I believe the answer is “yes” to all three potential answers.  Healthy individual families strengthen their tribe … and strong tribes form a healthy nation.  It goes the other way too … healthy nations benefit by proactively  strengthening and supporting the basic building block of all societies … individual families.

Let’s change some “groups” around and see what happens.  The “you” is individual heads of households and their families within local congregations … who are part of a denomination, or some other “tribe” of churches … who all belong to and make up the Universal Body of Christ … the Church (capital C)!  I hope you see the similarities … and why building individual families is vital to not only the health of local congregations … but the Church!

In this chapter I discuss one more “you.”  That is the men … the tribal leaders and the individual fathers and husbands who were probably standing front of their particular tribe and family.

The Lord is calling out men through the prophet Moses to assume their roles as spiritual leaders of their families,  Dads we’ve been called to be the prophets, priest and kings of our homes.  That is why I use the stories of fathers and sons to introduce several up coming chapters … but more on that later.

Single moms reading this … you are the “you” in this text.  If there is no hands on hearts in dad in the lives of your children … you have been forced to assume this role.  It is our job as men in your local congregation … to help you in this task. More on that later …


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