Ch. 3

YOU! is where the buck stops!

Deuteronomy 6 shares with all of us that the parenting buck stops with you mom or dad.

The saying “the buck stops here” came as a reaction to the slang expression “pass the buck” which meant passing the responsibility onto someone else.  The “buck” was an indicator of whose turn it was to do something … so when someone “passed the buck” … they gave their turn, or responsibility, to someone else.

Unfortunately, many parents want to pass their parenting buck onto school teachers … Sunday school teachers … youth workers … coaches … any other adult who interacts with their children.  God’s plan is that you, as a parent, take the lead in all areas of your child’s development … whether it be education, spiritual nurture, social and sporting activities … it’s your job or responsibility is to lead.

No one is better equipped to do this … read the chapter and see … if you have any questions post them here.


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