Ch. 5

You Loving God is the Key to Keeping Your Kids from Canaan

The KEY to God’s strategy for keeping His kids from Canaan is found in Deuteronomy 6:4 … You, as parents, shall love the Lord your God with all your heart … soul and might.  This chapter unpacks the meaning of this pivotal command … the one that Jesus Himself identified as the “greatest commandment” when asked by a letter of the OT lawyer … (Matthew 22: 35 – 40)

The BIG IDEA of this chapter is:  You can not give your children what you do not have.  If we want our kids to love God they need to see and hear us loving Him.  That’s what Moses is talking about when he commands you to talk about them as you walk … drive … do life together … and to bind them or show them … your kids need to see and hear your love for God.  Children are into “show and tell!”

Our problem is that we struggle in loving God more than we do the world.  Our hearts say it is more important for us to leave our kids a legacy of cash … at the expense of a legacy of Christ.  Jesus taught us that no man can serve two masters … for he will hate one and serve the other …

Those are challenging words … How are you doing in showing your kids how much you love God … and show them what that love looks like lived out?  Do they hear you talking about your love for Him … in formal times as well as everyday conversations?  These probing questions show us how powerful and important this command is …


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