Ch. 6

Teach by Telling

“You shall talk of them when you sit in your house … when you walk by the way … when you lie down … and when you rise!” Deuteronomy 6:7.

The big idea of this chapter is that it is your job as a Christian parent is to tell … teach … your children how to love God with all of their beings and to obey His commandments.

Nobody has more connection and access to teachable moments than you as a parent.  So capitalize on your influential position and intentionally initiate conversations about spiritual things with your kids.  You can do this at lest two ways.  The first is to have “formal” teaching times … usually via family devotions.  In this chapter we unpack how to have them  …

The second format uses informal … spontaneous conversations with your kids as they encounter teachable times.  There is no more powerful statement that you can make about your relationship with God … than the one you make by regularly sharing it with your kids.  They are your first mission field.  You have all the advantages of language … culture and lots of exposure.  Your desire to talk about God teaches them that your relationship with Him is important to you … and the things that are important to you will often become the things that are important to them …

We give lots of practical examples in this chapter of Keeping Your Kids from Canaan


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